Enjoy Taiwanese Rice from the Rice Shop

That Lasts a Century


Rice & Shine

The renowned rice shop in Dadaocheng is now operated by the fifth-generation owner. In the Western-style red brick building that dated back to over 100 years ago, the rice-themed restaurant makes the rice-grinding family business shine again. Each bowl of rice, freshly ground and cooked, is served with sincerity. "Tainong 71 (Yihchuan Aromatic Rice)" Freshly ground. Freshly cooked. Sweet smell of taro lingers all around. All the ingredients come from the local market and merchants, and each dish is enriched with a local essence.


Back in the days, their ancestors shipped all the delicate rice from around Taiwan to this rice shop. And now, Rice & Shine takes it from there. We humbly worked on the 100-year-old grain-sunning grounds. From a grain of rice to a bowl of rice, we relish the old time of Dadaocheng.